Monday, October 17, 2011

Irish Cottages.

Started making these cute Irish cottages a few weeks ago, and the first two attempts, to me, seemed to lack the cuteness factor. A few more tries later, and this is the end result. I think these little cuties are adorable. Those who buy a cottage have the option of choosing a front door color, from a chart of colors that I have made up and each cottage comes with an Irish quotation and also a translation. I hope,they will be a success. Best of luck! Traditional Irish Cottage. A pretty, miniature fel on DaWanda

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All My Eggs In One Basket?

Since I have joined the millions of sellers on the internet. The question that popped into my head the other day was...."If I only sell my craft items in one place, i.e., how can many see it?"  I needed a biggers audience.  So I decided to do more research on craft selling sites, and came upon two possibles.

We gathered about 30 eggs this morning.  We were surprised to see the green and blue hues in the mix.  

Why are Chicken Eggs Different Colors?

Chicken eggs from various chicken breeds emerge in different shades because of pig...

I joined  my first choice from my research, of craft selling sites over the weekend and, up loaded my items for sale.
With in a few short hours I got my first sale. My very, very first sale.
(I haven't sold yet on )
Well It's not to say I wasn't chuffed, I was.  So I think that having different baskets for your eggs, is
the wisest thing to do.

So i'm off now to find more baskets!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The shop with out walls....will the roof fall down?

For the last few weeks and months I have been researching and gathering goodies.  and finaly I have opened my wall and roofless shop. How I hear you say?  Well its not exactly magic, but a bit of internet hocus pocus was applied to open my shop on a site called , and what a brilliant site it is.  It seems that every cafter on the planet has a shop, and if they don't the word is spreading like wild fire.  You pay very little to list an item and if it sells you pay a low percentage to Etsy.  I think its well worth it, I really do.  I had fun setting up my shop, and the guys at Etsy have made it so easy for anyone to do it.  So in this age of the resession when shops are closing down because they cant afford the council rates, lease charges and all the rest that goes with a bricks and mortar shop, its wonderful to find so many artists using the internet as a tool for their fabulous work.  Long may it continue I say.  So now the question do I get noticed among all these shops?  I am hoping that I will be moved to the internet High Street and not relegated to an internet back alley, (unfortunately you don't get noticed there.)  The only thing to do is network and tell people that I exist.  I will be so busy doing that, that I'm glad I dont have any walls and roof to hold up.!  P.s. I can be found at so come on in and check me out and help me get to the High Street......see? networking already!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are we as artists ever truely satisfied?

Now thats a good question...a friend of mine Posted a new art piece of hers on her Facebook album recently.  She is a wonderful artist and works mainly with pencil, she is truely gifted. (there is a smidge of envy there). I sent her a comment on how beautiful it was, and it was stunning in detail.  It was of a clothed woman floating in a stream, with details of the banks of the stream and foliage and butterflies.  The next day she sent me a reply of how it wasn't finished and how it could be better.  I thought she was crazy, but then I realised that with all artists, including my self, that we are never 100% satisfied with the work we labour over, and it sometimes takes a bolt of lightening or a knock on the head for us to admit that we have completed a peice of art fully. I hope to make a note of this for the future when i'm fussing over my work.....well heres hoping!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sea, the Sea for me.

I took this picture near where I live.

It is Laytown in Ireland, on the East coast.  This is the Irish Sea, isn't it lovely.?  It was taken on a very cold calm day in December when the tide was just about to turn.  I love the way the sun is being reflected on the water and the foam.  The stones are lovely and shinny with the waves lapping on them.  If i had turned around and taken a picture of what was behind me you would have seen a few miles of golden sand, but I thought the stones were more interesting.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm gonna show a peice of felt, it's a cute pair of ballet shoes I made a few months ago. I think they are so cute.  They can't be worn which is a pitty as I love to dance ( I just salsa dance...for now) and they would be too small for my petite little feet anyway.  But cute they are!
I had fun making them.  It took time
but worth it in the end I think.